Hello. My name is Ken Ashe.

I’m a Product Manager with a passion for crypto, DeFi, and web3.

I have 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, managing different products, projects, and programs. I became interested in blockchain technology in 2016 and decided to move my career into DeFi in 2024.

Seven things I believe

1. DeFi will revolutionize the finance sector

Being a “finance insider” I understand the TradFi industry well. I tend to view its shortcomings with dismay and sometimes amusement.

  • I’ve seen “leading economists” dismiss Bitcoin and tell me it’s worthless.

  • I’ve witnessed executives spend countless hours negotiating cross-border payments.

  • I’ve managed projects where teams of people work to ensure trades are properly recorded and cleared (something a blockchain could easily do).

The finance industry is full of outdated and inefficient processes. Many could easily be replaced by Crypto and DApps today.

2. Collaboration is the key to success

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Collaboration lets people combine their different skills and views to achieve better results than they could on their own. When people work together, they look at problems from various sides, which often results in new ideas and better choices.

This is important in product development because engineers, designers, marketers, and product managers all see things differently. When they collaborate, they can blend their ideas together to create a great product that meets customer needs and stands out in the marketplace.

3. Bitcoin is the best store of value mankind has ever known

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency with a limited supply. Unlike every other currency known to man, BTC will never exceed its cap of 21 million. It’s a better store of value than gold, whose supply increases by about 2% a year due to mining. It’s also much better than any fiat currency controlled by a centralized government.

Additionally, Bitcoin is secure, transparent, easily portable, and recognized worldwide.

4. Every product needs a roadmap

Have you ever seen a team get excited about a new idea and start working, only to realize later that they're working on the wrong thing? I've seen it, and it's not pretty.

Spending time to develop and agree on a clear vision and roadmap ensures everyone involved understands and agrees with a product’s direction. This prevents wasting time and resources and makes work more efficient. Additionally, a thoughtful roadmap helps guide the development process, aiding in prioritization, facilitating better communication, and establishing crucial milestones and metrics.

Roadmaps are not locked in stone. They should be reviewed and updated at least once a quarter to account for new ideas, team learnings, and changing market dynamics. An iterative process is a necessity.

5. Web3 is the future of ownership

From content creation to on-chain Real World Assets, web3 provides an opportunity for people to maintain ownership over their personal property. Unlike the current internet, where corporations have complete control over user-generated content, web3 enables individuals to retain ownership of the videos they create and the words they write. Additionally, web3 lays the foundation for the ownership and exchange of both digital assets and real-world property in the future. This is only possible with crypto and blockchain technology.

6. The best decisions are based on data

Using data to make decisions is important when managing products. Using key performance indicators (KPIs), teams can make smarter choices based on patterns and trends they see in the data. This also makes the decision-making process more open and clear, and it helps reduce guessing and personal opinions.

Data should be used at every step of a product's life, from start to finish. This helps decide which features are most important, improves the quality of the product, and makes the user's experience better.

7. Life is short

Memento Mori - As we’re all going to die and nothing is permanent, we should strive for happiness while we’re here. For me, happiness includes working with purpose to make the world a better place.